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Dear Business Owner,

  • Are you working LONGER & LONGER HOURS on your business, but not seeing the growth and profits that your hard work deserves? 
  • Are you becoming more and more FRUSTRATED because you know how much potential your business has, but you simply don’t know how to unlock it?
  • Would you like to employ more staff, offer more products or services, and generally GROW YOUR BUSINESS, but don’t feel as though you can afford to, or are worried that it might not work?
  • Do you feel DRAINED by the day-to-day pressures and responsibilities of running a business, and have lost the passion and drive that you had when you first started out?
  • Are the daily demands of your business OVERWHELMING you and impacting negatively on your personal life?
  • Do you feel as though your business has reached a FINANCIAL PLATEAU, where you’re forever trading more hours for not enough money?
  • Would you like to know how to UNLOCK the profit potential hidden in your business, so you can start generating a greater income and more freedom for yourself and your family?

And finally…

  • Are you spending more and more time working IN your business, rather than ON your business, which is stopping you from enjoying the life you set out to achieve?

If you answered “YES!” to any of those questions, then you’re in exactly the right place.



meg-e-mythFor one week only, from November 25th – 30th, Michael E. Gerber, the “Godfather” of small business development and the author of the New York Times Best Selling Book, The E-Myth Revisited, is coming to the UK – and the chances are, he won’t be coming back.

As a result, this is your one chance to discover the breakthrough strategies that have already transformed over 70,000 businesses in 145 countries.

Can you really afford to miss out on the opportunity to listen to, speak to, and learn from the man who INC Magazine called ‘The World’s #1 Small Business Guru?’

If you have any aspirations to grow your business and achieve the success, wealth, recognition and financial freedom you truly want and deserve, then the answer is “NO”.

So whether you’re self-employed, under-employed, a sole proprietor, a ‘solopreneur’, a small business owner, or you’re simply looking to start a business from scratch and would like to get started on the best possible footing, this is your chance to discover the revolutionary strategies, systems and thought processes that will propel your business forward and give you the freedom and prosperity you deserve.


  • How to stop working IN your business, and instead work ON YOUR BUSINESS! (Most small business owners are guilty of falling into this common trap, and it’s a PROFIT KILLING DISASTER. Here you’ll discover the proven strategies that will allow you to finally break free, achieve clarity and fulfil the true potential of your business)
  • How to unleash “THE IMAGINER” within you, release your true entrepreneurial mindset and transform your business in an instant. (The ‘Zen mindset’ is what 99% of small business owners lack, and it’s stopping them from achieving the success they deserve. “The World’s #1 Small Business Guru”, Michael E. Gerber, will tell you what it is, and exactly how to get it!)
  • REVEALED: "The Evolution of an Enterprise: An Introduction to The Immutable Hierarchy of Growth" (Michael will unveil his proven, step-by-step blueprint for transforming your business from a company of one, to a COMPANY OF 100 – in the shortest amount of time)
  • How to build and SCALE YOUR BUSINESS quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. (You will be shown how to implement the exact same strategic process that Apple, InfusionSoft and thousands of other hugely successful businesses have already used to catapult themselves from ordinary to extraordinary, using only the resources you have available to you right now)
  • The most common ROADBLOCKS that stand in the way of small business growth – and how to smash through them! (When you know what these roadblocks are, and how to overcome them, you will instantly clear a path to more customers, increased sales, greater profits and the lifestyle of your dreams)
  • How to RE-PROGRAM YOUR MIND to reverse the limiting thoughts and perceptions that are holding your business back and restricting its growth. (Michael’s breakthrough strategies will aggravate, challenge and disrupt your thinking, and force you re-evaluate everything you THINK you know about your business, and how you plan to take it from where it is now, to where you truly want it to be)
  • The 4 DISTINCT CHARACTERS that live within every uber-successful entrepreneur. (Michael will not only reveal what these 4 characters are and why they’re so important, but he will also show you how to activate each one at the precise moment it’s needed, so you can maximise the success of your business!)
  • How to build an effective and powerful MARKETING & SALES SYSTEM that speaks to the most important part of your business – your customers. (Many small business owners make the mistake of building a ‘system’ to sell products, rather than a system that builds relationships and loyalty. Here Michael will show you how to make your customers feel heard, cared for, valued and understood, laying the foundation for massive growth).
  • Plus much more!


meg-liveMichael E. Gerber is the author of 22 internationally acclaimed business books, including The New York Times mega best-seller, The E-Myth Revisited, which has sold over 5 million copies in 29 languages.

His revolutionary methods have become the gold standard for small business development throughout the world, making him what INC Magazine calls; "The World's #1 Small Business Guru" and one of BusinessWeek's best-selling authors of the past two decades.

Gerber is the founder of E-Myth Worldwide, a coaching, training and education firm committed to the development of small businesses. Now approaching its 38th year, Gerber's extraordinary techniques have transformed more than 70,000 businesses in 145 countries.

meg-myth-busterMichael's methods are recognized by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine, BusinessWeek and Inc. Magazine, among many others, and are taught in 118 universities worldwide, including Stanford University, BYU, Notre Dame, UCLA, UC San Marcos, Huddersfield University (UK) and Stetson University.

His E-Myth books have been named by The Wall Street Journal as “the single most influential business books of all time”, while The Dreaming Room™, Michael’s unique and world-renowned 12-week business course, has already helped tens of thousands of people to turn their small businesses into world class organisations.

Michael is committed to awakening the ‘new entrepreneur’ within the millions of people worldwide who are inspired by the possibility of creating world class companies – companies that fulfill that deep abiding vision in each of us to transform our world.




steve-clarkeReading the e-myth represents a pivotal moment in my business career. I'd consider it essential reading for entrepreneurs who want to avoid some terrible pit falls and to draw comfort knowing you're not alone and the path you're on has been experienced by others before you; Success leaves clues. The clues are all in the book. It also confirmed for me that going into business is as much about who you are and who you want to be as it is about the business itself.

--- Steve Clarke - Eureka Sales

ian-edwardsMy instant connection with Michael was in seeing he has created a business system to find your calling through the Dreaming Room, from this to taking the leap of faith in the creation of a system to serve your purpose. My sculptures capture and tell this story of the human spirit in it’s endeavour to express itself within the world. Michael Gerber’s quote “What is missing in this picture” is the question the creative mind searches for along with Michael’s great quote “Doing it doing it doing it” which is such a poignant statement with great meaning as we get lost within the world of just doing.
--- Ian Edwards - Ian Edwards Studios

barnaby-wynterMichael Gerber helped me understand what kind of business owner I should be, enabled me to build a team who complimented my skills and drive growth in my business. What's even more exciting is that I have been able to help literally hundreds of businesses achieve the same.
--- Barnaby Wynter - The Brand Bucket Company

manor-by-the-lakeI’m not one for many words but I say this: I became self-employed at the age of 21 (30 years ago), I did ok ish but worked crazy hard and long with many financial highs and very lows. By a twist of fate around 10 years ago I read a book called The E-myth re-visited by Michael E Gerber, since that moment I cracked it in every way!! Enough said!
--- Michael Chittenden - Owner: Manor By The Lake

jack-canfield“I’ve read countless books on businesses. No business author has touched me as deeply as Michael Gerber has. The E-Myth is exquisite. It combines the spiritual with the pragmatic, the functional with the emotional, and the passion with the perspective. My advice to anyone who is determined to build a world-class company is to read this book. You’ll be amazed!”

--- Jack Canfield, Founder and CEO, Chicken Soup for the Soul Enterprises, Inc.

“Michael’s understanding of entrepreneurship and small business management has been a difference maker for countless businesses, including Infusion Software. His insights into the entrepreneurial process of building a business are a ‘must’ for every small business owner. The vision, clarity, and leadership that came out were just what our company needed to recognize our potential and motivate the whole company to achieve it.”

--- Clate Mask, President and CEO, Infusion Software